In The News

Televised news reports about Mr. Sparks and his cases have aired on NBC 4, FOX 5, ABC 7, NEWS 8, WUSA 9, UNIVISION, and WHAG 4. Several have been featured in lead news stories:

  • City Settles Lawsuit Brought by Family of Mother Killed by Ex-Boyfriend (McNeil wrongful death)
  • 9 News Investigates: Drawn to the Edge (Martell wrongful death)
  • Sexual Assaults by Ambulance Personnel, Questions Abound for DC Ambulance Service (G.C. and P.J. sexual assaults)
  • A Miracle and a Tragedy: Un Milagro y Una Tragedia (Martell wrongful death)
  • Police Seek Help in Sexual Assault Case (R.L. and S.C. sexual assaults)
  • I Team Investigates: Prison Crisis (Daniels wrongful death)

Dozens of news articles and editorial opinions about Mr. Sparks and his cases have been published in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Washington Times, Washington City Paper, Legal Times, Washington Blade, La Nación, Hagerstown Herald, Buffalo Current, Washington Window, and Gazette. A number of cases have been chronicled in cover stories and front page reports:

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