Automobile & Pedestrian Accidents

Carter Estate v. District of Columbia, et al.(Woman Killed Crossing Darkened Street)
The Washington Post logo District Letters to the Editor. Washington Post. 20 November 2003.

“Perhaps if there had been lights in the 1200 block of Kenilworth Avenue on Nov. 9, a life might have been spared. Meanwhile, the people walk and wait in darkness.” Read More

The Washington Post logo Hit & Run Driver Surrenders. Washington Post. 11 November 2003.

“Earl A. Johnson, 32, was driving with a suspended license when he struck... Carter, 46, about 5:45 p.m... Johnson surrendered at the 6th District Police station about 3:20 p.m. yesterday. Carter was in a crosswalk when she was hit.” Read More

ABC 7 News logo Hit & Run in the District. ABC 7 News. 10, 11 November 2003.

A witness who heard the victim being hit and hurled across the street, said that neighbors had complained about people speeding along Kenilworth Avenue. They had a meeting with the Mayor and the Chief of Police at a local Baptist Church.

The Washington Post logo Hit & Run Victim Dies. Washington Post. 10 November 2003.

A woman was killed in Northeast Washington yesterday in a hit-and-run police said. They said the woman apparently was struck by a car about 5:45 p.m. in the southbound lanes of the 1200 block of Kenilworth Avenue.

Fox 5 News logo Woman Killed by Hit & Run Driver. Fox 5 News. 10 November 2003.

A witness who lived across the street from the scene of the incident said she had complained for months to the Mayor, the Department of Public Works, and her councilperson that four lights in a row were out in the 1200 block of Kenilworth Avenue. There was a similar problem with the lights three years prior.

Withers-Byrd Estate v. Nak Dong Chong(Traffic Accident — Double Fatality)
The Gazette logo Two Women Die in Crash. The Gazette. 7 January 2003.

Mother killed and children [Sparks’ clients] injured when SUV barrels through red light and decimates Neon occupied by victims on their way to church. Read More

Lem Lem Merri v. Adam Messersmith(Rear End Collision on Icy Roadway)
Metro Verdicts Monthly logo Lemlem Merri v. Adam Messersmith. Metro Verdicts Monthly. Vol. 17, No. 4. 2005.

Quick verdict for immigrant hot dog vendor [Sparks’ client]. USAA, defendant’s insurer, had refused to settle, claiming that icy roads caused the accident. Read More

Corrie Johnson v. Gennise Carter(Postal Delivery Truck Rollover)
DC Trial logo Corrie Johnson v. Gennise Carter. DC Trial. Vol. VI, No. 3. June 2003.

“Following a one-day trial and a jury verdict in [Sparks’ client’s] favor, the Court entered judgment for plaintiff in the amount of the policy limit, which Allstate paid in addition to plaintiff’s expenses.” Read More

Metro Verdicts Monthly logo Corrie Johnson v. Gennise Carter. Metro Verdicts Monthly. Vol. 15, No. 3. 2002.

Policy limit verdict for postal worker [Sparks’ client] follows jury deliberation of just 20 minutes. Plaintiff had offered to settle, pre-suit, but defendant’s insurer, Allstate, refused to make any offer to settle. Read More

Cecilia Aymacana v. Allison Beth Donohue(Major Intersection Collision - No Independent Witnesses)
Metro Verdicts Monthly logo Aymacana v. Donohue. Metro Verdicts Monthly. Vol. 12, No. 12. 2000.

Policy limit verdict for plaintiff [Sparks’ client] after jury deliberation of only 20 minutes, despite the fact that police officer issued traffic citation to plaintiff and plaintiff’s insurance company had offered her policy limits to settle defendant’s claim against plaintiff. Jury found plaintiff Aymacana not liable to defendant on counterclaim, and plaintiff’s insurer avoided making any payment to defendant. Read More

E.F. v. District of Columbia(Middle school student suspended for walking on public sidewalk)
The Washington Post logo Students Suspended Over Route Home. Washington Post. 1 April 2004.

“At least a dozen Francis Junior High School students were suspended for three days this week for taking a prohibited route home, an action being protested by an attorney representing one of the pupils. “There’s no way this can be lawful, no way,” said Douglas R. Sparks, who wants Ernest reinstated immediately.” Read More

9 News logo Street Closed. CBS - W*USA 9 News. 31 March 2004.

“How’d you like it if a principal punished your child for something he or she did off school property? That’s exactly what happened in Northwest, where more than a dozen students were dealt a harsh penalty, just for walking home the wrong way. [Douglas Sparks, the attorney for one of the suspended students, is challenging the school’s disciplinary action.]” Read More