Metro Bus & Rail Accidents

Orellana v. WMATA(Rider Injured Trying to Board Bus)
Metro Verdicts Monthly logo Orellana v. WMATA . Metro Verdicts Monthly. February 2006.

Latino man injured when bus door closed on his leg. Plaintiff offered to settle pretrial. WMATA made no offer. Jury verdict after 30 minutes for Sparks' client. Jurors sent note during deliberation asking Court to make WMATA pay plaintiff's attorney fees. Read More

Barksdale v. WMATA(Fall Down Icy Escalator in Metro Station)
Metro Verdicts Monthly logo Barksdale v. WMATA . Metro Verdicts Monthly. April 2006.

Security Guard broke her leg on icy escalator steps at Anacostia Metro Station while commuting to her job at the IRS. WMATA made no offer to settle. Quick verdict for plaintiff. Read More