Crosswalk Accidents

About Crosswalk Accidents

Attorney Douglas Sparks of Sparks & Associates PLLC is a highly-rated D.C. Crosswalk Accident lawyer with over 36 years of experience helping pedestrians injured in crosswalk accidents. The District of Columbia law requires drivers to give the right of way to pedestrians crossing in marked crosswalks, and to pedestrians crossing at intersections having no marked crosswalks. Yet Washington, D.C. metropolitan area pedestrians are hit in crosswalks nearly every day. All too often, distracted drivers negligently or intentionally break the law by talking on cell phones, sending text messages, reading emails, programming GPS devices, and the like. Mr. Sparks understands that the consequences can be catastrophic for pedestrians: they suffer head injuries, broken bones, ruptured ligaments, and many other debilitating injuries when struck by motor vehicles in crosswalks. They may be unable to work and lose income. In order to assure that injured pedestrians maximize their monetary recoveries, they should always get advice from an experienced Crosswalk Accident lawyer before trying to deal with insurance company claims adjusters.

Experience and Track Record

Washington, D.C. Crosswalk Accident Attorney Douglas Sparks has represented dozens of people injured in D.C. area pedestrian crosswalk accidents, and he has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. He knows how to identify insurance policies even when bad drivers, their insurers, or opposing lawyers don’t want to disclose them. Mr. Sparks has successfully pursued pedestrian injury claims for a lawyer struck by a hit-and-run driver, a World Bank executive struck by a driver travelling the wrong direction down a one way street, a National Geographic employee struck by a reckless bicycle courier, a Smithsonian official hit by a police cruiser, an elderly woman struck by a motorcycle, a tourist struck by an emergency vehicle, and many others. A few of Mr. Sparks’ Crosswalk Accident cases are summarized below. And you can read news from his District of Columbia metropolitan area Crosswalk Accident clients here.

Representative Cases Handled by Douglas Sparks
  • A Smithsonian official was walking in the crosswalk across Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, D.C. one evening -- with the light -- when a police officer struck her while making a right turn. The woman was thrown onto the police cruiser’s windshield, sustaining a head injury and a compound leg fracture which required surgery. Mr. Sparks brought a claim on the woman’s behalf against the police officer’s employer. The matter resulted in a six figure settlement.

  • A National Geographic employee was in a crosswalk on Connecticut Avenue in the District of Columbia when a bicycle courier struck her. The impact broke the woman’s hip and required major surgery. Mr. Sparks sued the company that had dispatched the bicycle courier. The company’s insurer filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that the courier was an independent contractor, not an employee, and that it therefore was not liable for the courier’s negligence. Mr. Sparks opposed the motion, arguing that the company had fraudulently designated all of its couriers “independent contractors” to impermissibly evade employer taxes and workers compensation premiums. The judge ruled in favor of Mr. Sparks, and the courier company settled the case before trial.

  • A law student and her young daughter were riding a bicycle in a Washington, DC crosswalk when a distracted driver ran a stop sign and hit them with his SUV. They suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured wrist and leg, as well as a concussion. And her head injury caused the law student to lose a semester from school. Mr. Sparks settled both claims (mother and daughter) for the at fault driver’s insurance policy limits. He set up a structured settlement on the daughter’s behalf which will accumulate substantially more than the policy limits – tax free - by the time she turns 18. This was at no extra cost to mother or daughter and he handled it personally. In the mother’s on-line review, she wrote that “Mr. Sparks is the most awesome lawyer you can ever hire!! He really cares about his clients by showing compassion and empathy and does everything in his power to get them the maximum amount of money. I would definitely recommend Douglas Sparks to anyone!!” Read the client’s review here.

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